Reps: Using Rep Codes

Assign reps to their specific territory using rep codes.

Reps will often sell to a certain set of customers, sometimes dictated by the territory the rep is assigned to. A territory or rep code can be used in AMP to give the rep access to only those customers.

To limit the customers that reps have access to using rep codes

1) Navigate to Manage Reps from the navigation bar and select Edit Table

Edit Table 3-8-2021

2) Add a column titled Territory/Rep Codes to your Rep Table if it doesn't already exist, and tag it as Territory/Rep Codes. Enter a code or name into the column for each rep.

Add Column 3-8-2021

3) Enter the same code or name used in step 2 into the matching Territory/Rep Codes column in your Customer Table for each customer the rep should have access to


In this way you’re able to control which customers a rep can see. Separate multiple rep codes by commas in either table to assign multiple reps.

Pro Tip: Popular rep codes can be the name or initials of the rep like “George Francis” or “GF”. It might be the state or name of the territory like “NC” or “Mid-Atlantic”. Some like to use a pre-assigned code or number like “101” or “GF4587”.


Last updated 8-26-2021