Products: Basics - Tagging Columns

Column tags are used to determine how the data in AMP tables is displayed and used. The columns can be named anything; how they are tagged is what's important for how the data is used. For example, a column in the product table tagged as "SKU / Product Id" will be used in AMP as the SKU or Product Id for that product. This data will be used in places where it would make sense to display a Product Id in AMP.

To tag columns in a table

  1. From the table being edited (products, customers, reps, etc.), click the Update Columns button from the table editing barSelect Update Columns
  2. From the review screen select a column tag from the yellow dropdown menus under each of the column namesTag Your Columns
  3. Click the Accept the Upload button after column tags are selectedAccept the Upload

There will also be an opportunity to tag columns after uploading a table to AMP.

Pro TipTo learn more about what each column tag does, click click to expand... in the instructions from the review screen. Descriptions of each column tag will appear.


Last updated 6/2/2021