Reviewing Orders

Orders placed via AMP can be reviewed from the CMS. This article will cover how to Locate Orders, Filter Orders, and Open Order Details

To Locate Orders

1) Navigate to Sales Activity in the AMP CMS 

2) Click the type of orders you would like to view between AMP Orders, Office Orders, or Office Invoices

Office Orders and Office Invoices will only appear if they have been added either via an API connection or manuallySales Activity

To Filter Orders

1) Choose your Order View type

PlainList: A list of all orders 

ByDate: Breaks down order overview by Year, Quarter, Month, Week, and Day

ByDealer: Breaks down order overview by Customer ID (Determined by the Customer Table) and by Rep ID (Determined by the Rep Table)

ByProduct: Breaks down order overview by Individual SKU and by Collection (If the Product Table contains a column tagged Collection)

ByVendor: Breaks down order overview by Vendor

2) Filter to a subset of orders using the dropdown options

Placed By: Filter by the email address of the person who placed the order

Order Type: Filter by order type including options such as Quote, Genuine, or Voided.

Order Stage: Filter by the nature of the order such as Open, Closed, or CSR Confirmation required

Territory/Rep: Filter by the Territory/Rep ID who placed the order

Dealer: Filter by the Dealer ID who the order was placed for

Date Range: Filter by relative range of dates which will include the same data from the previous year. Ranges available are Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, Last 365 days, and Year to Date
(Only available for ByDealer and ByProduct views)

To Open Order Details

1) Navigate to Sales Activity

2) Choose the Order View type PlainList

3) Locate the order number to be opened in the "order #" column. Click the blue link with the order number. Order Number


Last updated 3-15-2021