How To: Troubleshoot Error Code in Sync Status

Because AMP allows work to be done while not having an active internet connection, sometimes you can be logged into the AMP Sell app with an incorrect password.

Error Code - Local password check: success. 

Remote password check (1): error_wrong_password

Translation: At some point since the last time logged in and out of the AMP Sell application, the password has been changed and the currently logged password on the iPad is incorrect.

How to troubleshoot - 

Step 1. Log out and log back in with the last known password.

Step 2. If step 1 does not work, follow this link to reset password:

Pro Tip: If sharing a log in email with another rep, check with that sales rep before changing the password to see if they have a password you’re not aware of. If the password needs to be reset and you share a log in, a good practice is to forward the new password email to all applicable participants.


Last updated 3-8-2021