How to: Move, Remove, and Add columns in Edit Table in CMS

You can now move, remove, and add columns in edit table mode, on any table in AMP.

Step 1.  Navigate to the desired table (for example the Product Table or Customer Table) and select Edit TableSelect Edit Table

To move or add a column follow steps 2 & 3, for removing a column skip to step 4. 

Step 2. Select Table SettingsSelect Table Settings

Step 3. Note the index number for placement of the new or moving an existing column and then close that windowIndex Number

Step 4. Fill in the Column Name cell (this field is case sensitive), select to Add, Move or Remove. For adding and moving columns, select the index number to place the column in a desired position.

Add move remove

Optional: All columns are tagged as "Other/Front", if this tag needs to be changed follow this tutorial: Products: Basics - Tagging Columns 

Pro Tip: If no index number is chosen when adding a column, it will be placed at the end of the table to the right. 


Last updated 6/7/2021