Overview: How To Invite a new Buyer


To add buyers you must have access to AMP SHOP

Add Buyers

  1. Navigate to the Manage Customers tab from the AMP CMS
  2. Upload a customer table or add a customer to an existing customer table
  3. Add a column to the customer table and tag it as AUTHORIZED Buyer Email
  4. Add the buyer's email address to this column (Very important)
    NOTE: If you have multiple buyer email addresses. You can add a comma between the email addresses to have multiple buyers per account. 

Invite Buyers

  1. Navigate to the manage portal
  2. In the Authorized Users section, click send invitations to unregistered buyers...)
  3. Select the users you want to send invitations to and click Send Invitations
  4. IMPORTANT: Please note there are ACTIVE and INACTIVE buyers. Please send out invitations to both active and inactive when you first get started. Active users are emails that have previously logged into AMP in the last 30 days

An invitation will be emailed to the rep or buyer including a username, password, and instructions for logging into AMP.