Slideshows: How to create a Slideshow in AMP Shop

Create a new slideshow, or overwrite an old one in AMP Shop

Step 1. Select SHOP

Select Shop

Step 2. Navigate to the PRODUCT CATALOG tab

Side note: Remember to start with the Catalog you want to build the slideshow under. Full Catalog (dense) = Legacy and The Full Catalog = Modern. Navigate to Product Catalog

Step 3. Select page of item you want to add to slideshow

Step 4. For desired item, select ADD TO CART button (Continue building cart in the order needed for slideshow)

Add to Cart-1

Step 5. Navigate to CARTS tab

Step 6. Scroll down and select “Build a Specsheet for these items”Build a SpecSheet

Step 7. Choose to display the chosen sku only or by collection and the required pricelist or lists

Restrict your Specsheet

Step 8. Select “click to open the link”Open the Link

Step 9. Save slideshow. Here you can choose to overwrite a current slideshow or create a new one, and finally, select SAVE NOW.

Save the specsheet

All done! 

Now you can view the slideshow in CMS, AMP Sell, AMP Shop, or create labels in AMP Press.

Pro Tip: These slideshows are automatically assigned rights to Admins and Reps to view. If you need to change this, navigate to the Slideshows / Catalogs section in CMS and select Change Slideshows at the bottom of the page

Simply select the radial of the desired group you'd like to view the slideshow and then hit UPDATE RIGHTS


Last updated 6/4/2021