Customers: How to add a new customers

This will demonstrate how to add a new customer, as well as send an invitation to them to view the company's catalog in AMP.

Step 1) On the top menu bar, select Users/Locations in the CMS
Step 2) Choose Customers from the Users/Locations menu to the left of the page
Step 3) Select the Add a customer link above the table
Step 4) Fill out the needed data fields for the new customer 
Step 5) Select Submit when all needed data fields are populated
Step 6) To get back to the Overview page, select Overview on the left hand menu bar
Step 7) Select the hyperlink to send invitations to unregistered buyers 
Pro Tip: Selecting any of the hyperlinks to "send invitations to unregistered..." will get you to the needed table to send an invitation.
Step 8) Select the correct User Group, toggle between Inactive and Active lists to locate new customer
Pro Tip: Do a control+F search to locate added customer by searching the email address
Step 9) Mark the radial next to the new customers email address
Step 10) Hit Send Invitations at the bottom of the users list
Step 11) Confirm invitation sent successfully