Products: Advanced - Exclusive Price Lists Part 1 of 2

This is a part 1 of setting up exclusive price lists in AMP. This article will cover setting up tiered price lists (multiple customers accessing the same tiers price level) as well as customer specific price levels. 


When different prices are offered to different customers you will need to set up Exclusive Price Lists for these customers.

To create an Exclusive Price List

1) Add a column to your Product Table with the exclusive prices

2) Tag the column as Exclusive customer price


3) Add a column to your Customer Table and tag the column as Allowed Rep Price lists

4) In this column add the exact Column Names of the column tagged as Exclusive customer price. (i.e. If you named your column "5% Special Price" then 5% Special Price needs to be entered in the Exclusive customer price column)

5) To add additional Allowed Rep Price lists separate each price list name with a comma. You can assign exclusive or general price lists per customer. If this cell is left blank, all the general customer price lists will be allowed for this customer. 


*You will need to add price lists tagged as General Customer Price to the Allowed Rep Price lists column as well. 


Last updated 5/20/2021