Slideshows: Creating Slideshows (legacy)

Slideshows are used in AMP to feature a select set of products. If the product catalog is the full catalog binder, a slideshow is like ripping out select pages of that catalog.

Slideshows are a powerful and versatile tool often used in AMP for:

- market walkthroughs

- closeout deals

- hot buys

- restricting the products reps, buyers, or RSAs can access

- restricting the products shown on AMP Sites, a consumer-facing website

To make a slideshow in AMP

  1. Navigate to the Slideshows tab from the AMP CMS
  2. Click Add Minor Slideshow

3. Name the slideshow and click Create a new slideshow

4. In the text box, add the SKUs of the products you want to be part of the slideshow - one per line - and click Save and preview


Once created reps can see slideshows by tapping Slideshows from the Products tab of the AMP iPad app.