Creating and Editing Slideshows

Learn how to make/edit a market walkthrough by creating a Minor Slideshow.

Slideshows are a powerful tool to highlight specific products drawn from your entire catalog. Think of slideshows as a way of taking specific pages out of catalog and reorganizing them however works best for you.

Common uses for Slideshows

1) Market walkthroughs

2) Products on special

3) Best selling products

4) Market specific products


Additionally, there are times when you may want to go back to an existing slideshow and make edits to keep this slideshow updated.

To Edit a Slideshow

1) Navigate to Slideshows under the Manage Catalog tab

2) Find the slideshow you want to edit and select Edit to the right of the slideshow name

3) Add or remove skus listed in the box that is shown

4) Be sure to select save before leaving this page


Last updated 5-21-2021