Products: Basics - Creating General Pricelists

Multiple pricelists can be created in AMP. A general pricelist is available to customers that are allowed that pricelist. General pricelists are also available to new customers added by reps and when no customer is selected.

To create a General Pricelist

1) Add a column to your Product Table with the prices for each product

2) Tag the column as General Customer Price

3) (optional) Add a column to your Customer Table and tag the column as Allowed Rep Pricelists

4) In this column add the exact Column Names of the column tagged as General Customer Price. (i.e. If you named your column "Wholesale FOB" then "Wholesale FOB" needs to be entered in the Allowed Rep Pricelists column)

5) To add additional Allowed Rep Pricelists separate each price list name with a comma


*You will need to add price lists tagged as Exclusive Customer Price to the Allowed Rep Pricelists column as well. 


Last updated 5/19/2021