AMP SHOP: Shop Requests

Learn how to make adjustments to your shop request settings and email notifications.

Navigate to AMP Products at the navigation bar, then on the left sidebar make sure to have Shop Requests selected
Visibility Level: If you'd like to turn off new shop requests, you can switch this to "Not Visible"
Logo PhotoBy default we use the same logo you have loaded to your AMP profile. If you'd like a different image you can load one that is specific to this shop request page. We recommend logos be square in shape vs. long or tall when possible. Below is the shop request form, you can see most logos are squares. 
Acknowledgement Email Custom Greeting: If you'd like the person requesting access to get a custom message in their initial request for access you can add text in this section. Common types of questions in this section are: If you have a current account with us, please reply all with your account number. If you are looking to set up a new account please download this form and send it back when complete. 
Acknowledgement Email CC: If you have this filled out, you will be cc:ed on the email with the person who is requesting access to your catalog. this option is great if you have specific questions for the person requesting access. Note if you have questions in the section "Acknowledgement Email Custom Greeting" you'll most likely want to be copied on this email. 
Request Notification Email Address: This email is sent only to your company. The person requesting access to your catalog is not copied on this email. This email will have the business information in the email. By default your account is set to get this email immediately when someone requests access to your catalog. If you'd prefer to get a daily recap or weekly recap you can change the timing in the section "Request Notification Frequency"
Request Notification Frequency: This section allows you to change the frequency you receive new shop requests. By default this is set to immediately. You can also switch this to daily or weekly. Default daily email is 6am in your accounts time zone that you have set up on your account. Default weekly email is set at 6am on Monday in your accounts time zone. 
Note to check or change your time zone, navigate to the "change profile" section
Last updated 5/21/2021