AMP Sell: How to Add Snipes(Banners) to the Catalog

This will help add messaging to a product tile or tiles in AMP Sell.

To start, any information to be added needs to be in place on the Product Table. 

For your awareness, the column name will not be displayed, but the information entered in the individual cells will be. In our example here we will be utilizing the Stock Level Column:

Stock Level

If a column needs to be added, here’s a tutorial on how to do that: How to add a column to the Product Table.

Step 1. Navigate to AMP Products and then AMP Sell

Navigate to Amp Sell

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the Page and click Manage Sell Publications. Then either click Create New, or open an existing one

Create New

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the column to pull data from by selecting it in the Snipe Selector (Corner Ribbon) drop down

Select Column

Step 4. Scroll to the top of the page, enter the name of the publication and then select Save As.

Save as Snipe

Side Note. Scroll down to the bottom of the page once saved to view and manipulate the Snipe Selector table. From here, every path will be different based on the end goal of the organization. 

In the case of our example here, we wish to highlight in-stock vs "Please Ask" items.

The Column Name should already be selected in the Snipe Descriptor drop down, but this can always be changed and then saved again to see the change. 

The Text in the cells is what will be displayed in the Snipe. 

Stock Level

The Default can be to No Decor (no snipes) or set a Default Text Color and Snipe Colors and all cells marked Default Decor will follow those selections. 

In our example here, the default is set up as a blue ribbon with white text, and "In Stock" is set up as a green ribbon with white text.

Set up Snipe

Click into the Color box itself for either Text or Ribbon to select the desired color.

Select Color

Remember to select Save at the top of the page to make lasting changes. 

Once this is ready to be deployed, select Manage Sell Publications below the table. (You can see it in light blue in the image above.)

Select Change Publications.

Create New

Then select the radial for Admins + Reps and lastly, UPDATE RIGHTS to save.

Change Rights 

This is how it will display in AMP Sell based on the selections made above.

Snipe Final

Pro Tip. As stated above, each organization will have a different end goal. Feel free to reach out to AMP Support for guidance on how to accomplish your vision using these tools. AMP Support email: AMP Support phone: 1-855-9AMPTAB | 1-855-926-7822.

Last updated 6/10/2021