Overview: Adding Admin Users

How to add new admins


Additional admin users of your AMP account can be added to AMP from the AMP CMS. There is no limit to the number of admin users you can add to AMP. To add rep/buyer users see Granting Access to Reps and Buyers.

To add admin users to AMP

  1. From your company tab in the AMP CMS, click the Add more admins... link under the Admins section in the Authorized Users box.
  2. Enter the email address of the admin you'd like to add, adjust User Rights as needed, and click Add Admin.

You'll need to send admins who've never used AMP before an invitation to access AMP.

To send invitations to new admins

  1. From your company tab in the AMP CMS, click the Send invitations to unregistered admins... link next to the Admins title in the Authorized Users box.
  2. Check the boxes next to the admins you'd like to invite.
  3. Click Send Invitations to send invites to all selected admins.

These admins will receive an email invitation with an username, password, and instructions for getting access to AMP.


Pro Tip: The Authorized Users box will list the last time each of your users has accessed AMP. This can be useful for keeping track of who's accessing your AMP.